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Digital Forms Available At Your Fingertips

Client Forms



Riverscape Counseling digital forms are fully HIPAA-compliant, secure, and provide an intuitive and dynamic experience. Should you require assistance with any of the forms, please reach out to Riverscape for assistance.


As part of the client onboarding process into Riverscape, there are a few forms that are required to be completed before your first scheduled appointment.

Please complete the client intake form below before you arrive for your appointment


  1.   Click on the Clipboard

  2. . ... Or Click on Button

  3.   Fill out the forms Online at your convenience

  4.   Easy , No Downloading or Uploading

INew Clients

Existing Clients

In addition here are some other helpful forms as an existing client 

Grievance Reporting-

It is the policy of Riverscape is to treat all clients with fairness and professionalism and to strive for excellence in providing services to clients. Riverscape  policy provides clients and their families or legal guardians with the opportunity to express a problem or grievance related to the quality of services.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly, unprofessionally or feel that your rights have been breached, the following form and procedure is here for you to have your concerns addressed swiftly.

Grievance Form

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