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Addictions Sexual/Gambling/Eating


Addictions Sexual/Gambling/Eating

Holistic rehabilitation means treating and repairing the whole person from damage done by addiction to the mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment. All of these elements of a person’s life need to be brought back into balance for total recovery and success.

Many counseling facilities may focus on just one of these four crucial elements making it difficult to achieve lifelong change. Riveerscape Counseling has had incredible success with customized treatment plans that specifically address each these elements for each patient. By restoring a person’s  imbalances, we are able to help eliminate cravings that lead to addiction. Riverscape Counseling doesn’t treat addiction symptoms alone.  We also teach coping skills and how to eliminate the source of cravings, providing the lifelong tools necessary .

Understanding the interaction between mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment is the key to our incredible success rate.

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