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Animal Assisted Psychotherapy at Riverscape Counseling


Animal Assisted Psychotherapy at Riverscape Counseling

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a method used in counseling to integrate pet partners into the therapeutic treatment process. 

Animal-assisted therapy is a formalized method that takes place in guided sessions with your therapist. The goals of treatment remain the same, but research shows that including therapy animals can speed up the progress made, as well as improving relationships between the struggling individual and their doctor, counselor, or therapist.

How Does Animal Assistet Therapy Help

By bringing this innovative treatment to our team, Riverscape  therapists can add this option to your individualized treatment  plan. Pet therapy is beneficial to all types of treatment, including childhood abuse or neglect, grief counseling, PTSD, addiction treatment, and even as a support during chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

Animal-assisted counseling has been specifically shown to improve:

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Conflicts in relationships

  • Feelings of debilitating grief and loss

  • Rapport with (i.e., feeling close to) your therapist or doctor

  • Self-care and willingness to exercise

  • Feelings of well-being and motivation

  • Motor skills and joint movement

  • Blood pressure and cardiovascular health

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Social skills and verbal communication1

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