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Treatment for First Responders


Treatment for First Responders

At Riverscape Counseling, we pride ourselves on our addiction treatment programming specifically catered to our country’s everyday heroes, first responders. Whether you’re a firefighter, active or former law enforcement official, correctional officer, EMT/Paramedic, social worker, or military service veteran, we are committed to providing you with the kind of care you deserve.

First responders face truly unique and challenging work conditions. They have seen and dealt with things that others can only imagine. This is just as true for the inner-city urban police officer as it is for the small-town EMT. Through mental strength and physical training, first responders are able to respond and react to traumatic events in a level-headed way that directly saves lives. They often use this mental strength to internalize trauma. Often times not realized

If this is you or someone you know call us and schedule today.

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