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Ashlyn Eades LMHCA

Indianapolis, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, Human Resources Director

Ashlyn is a Mental Health Counselor Associate with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Indianapois and a Bachelors in Psychology from Purdue University . Her concentration is a wide range of Mental Health issues in children, adolescents, family, as well as adults. She has experience in individual and group counseling. Ashlyn has facilitated groups on vaious topics such as coping skills, anger, emotions, etc. She has provided many typeds of services to children and adolescents with behavioral disabilities.

Ashlyn has provided services in acute settings and at a Day School Program. She considers herself a multicultural counselor having worked with clients from different backgrounds and cultures .

Ashlyn's primary approaches to counseling ar Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , Strength based , Positive Psycholoty and Trauma Informed Counseling. She Strongly believes in collaborating with clients in their therapy . It is important to her to provide a safe and confidential space for all clients to build a positive , therapeutic relationship.

Scoob! Collectively , Ashlyn is also a part of our Administrative team . Serving as Human-Resources Coordinator. Just like Scooby and the gang, Ashlyn is there to help lend a hand, give support and stability . Ashlyn keeps the bar raised and is ready to solve any mystery anytime and always up for an adventure.

Ashlyn Eades LMHCA
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