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Jessica Markey LPC

Dayton , Licensed Professional Counselor, Grant Oversight Manager

Everyone has a story to tell, and a unique set of circumstances, challenges, and experiences that make us who we are. We all face different challenges at different times in our lives, and sometimes these become great opportunities to rediscover who we are and what we want. I am passionate about working with kids, teens, and adults to help navigate those challenges and guide you on that journey. I got into this work because I believe everyone deserves a safe space in which they can navigate their inner and outer worlds, overcome barriers, and be heard and valued. I believe by offering unconditional acceptance and empathetic listening, I can help you find your unique strengths which can move you towards healing and growth.

It takes such courage to open yourself up in search of answers to questions that have lingered inside you for your whole life. That courage is inspiring to me. It fuels my passion to provide an emotionally supportive, non-judgmental space to allow you to sort through the concerns you may have for your life. I offer a collaborative, encouraging space that meets your individual needs. Together we can explore parts of your life, piece by piece, and rebuild it until it looks like the life you imagine for yourself or your child, teen, and family.

I support my clients in engaging in their own life’s journey. In working with children, I make sure to get to their level. I love to have fun and get silly, while keeping the seriousness of your family’s therapy goals and visions at the forefront. I truly enjoy finding creative techniques for assisting children and teens to communicate their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in a non-traditional way. Being able to provide a place for your child to come, let their guard down and release expectations weighing them down is important to me.

Jessica Markey LPC
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