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Torie Nier, LPC

Springfield, Licensed Professional Counselor

Have you been stuck in fight or flight? Are you tired of just surviving and finally want to create a life of peace and happiness? I work with adult clients (18+) from all backgrounds and walks of life, providing a safe, accepting, and judgment-free environment to promote healing. Traditional approaches to therapy often focus on gaining awareness of our problems. Many of us are already aware of our problems—we want solutions! I walk with you to confront your barriers as we build on your unique strengths and bridge the gap between knowing to solving, from surviving to thriving!

As a licensed professional therapist, I focus on narrative, cognitive behavioral and trauma-informed therapies. I completed my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2019 and have a background in psychology, gender and sexuality studies, substance abuse treatment, grief and loss, LBGTQIA+, relationship issues, and am certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional. I am excited to work with you, through tears and laughter, as you grow, heal, find peace, and build the life that you deserve!

I work with Adults (18+) and couples.

Torie Nier, LPC
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