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Yash Trivedi

Dayton, Coach

Yash is our new coach with a background in advanced biomechanics, sport and exercise, and cardiovascular physiology. Prior to graduating from his Doctor of Physiotherapy Master's degree at the University of Melbourne, Yash completed his Bachelors in Kinesiology with honors including a minor in physiology In Canada at the University of Waterloo. Whilst completing his undergraduate degree, Yash was a teaching assistant for cardiovascular physiology. During his Doctor of Physiotherapy degree, Yash was the leading sports trainer for Brunswick FC. With his considerable knowledge in physiology, biomechanics and sports/exercise, Yash utilizes his elite level of insight to provide the highest standard of care for his clients, no matter the issue or concern.  

Yash also enjoys teaching swimming, playing basketball, and volunteering at food banks and animal shelters to provide care for those less fortunate. He always endeavors to provide emotional support to his clients because he understands a good coach must also be an understanding, and caring friend. To provide the best level of care Yash believes in looking at the client holistically and understanding all other factors that can interfere or promote improvement.

*Life coaches are self pay and do not take insurance. We do have sliding scale with fees being at a reduced cost.

Yash Trivedi
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