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Ashley Wormley LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Child, Preteen, Teen, Adult , Couples

Renaissance Style Portrait


At times people feel confused, lost and have persistent feelings of sadness, depression, hopelessness, and low self-esteem. A lot of people feel that counseling, therapy, going to see a shrink, is not cool but at times you just need to talk to someone to feel free. There will be no judgment and you will have a safe place to share those feelings.

I am here to say yes, you can be a winner no matter what you have been through and where you are going. You have purpose. I will take the journey with you to practice mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and train you how to listen to your body and do progressive relaxation to deal with those feelings of anxiety and depression.

I will walk with you step by step until you are stronger and feel that you can walk independently.

Every counselor will tailor their approach in animal-assisted within their unique theoretical orientation. In my approach to working with animals, I believe the animals has every bit a voice in the session as humans do. The animal is never “used” in session but worked with in a voluntary manner. I often help people work through building confidence, setting boundaries, practicing assertiveness, calming their emotions, building trust, building a healthy relationship, among other things while working with animals. Below meet Gabby