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Delandra Madden

Preteens, Teens, Couples, Adults


Let me give you a brief insight into what coaching can do for you and how empowering a coaching session can be.

Clients come into sessions with different “blocks” while experiencing transitions in their life and are looking for answers and a path to solutions.

I will help get you to discover the answers that are waiting there inside you. You will learn how limiting beliefs can keep you from moving forward, and about the obstacles standing in your way to success.

By the end of the session, you will set your goals and take accountability for seeing them through. I am here to ensure that you are changing your mindset from “hoping to change” to absolute success in making those changes!

Start seeing your life in a completely different way with the freedom, ability to make powerful choices, and to silence the inner voice that tells us we aren’t good enough. Get ready to be greater than you’ve ever imagined was possible!

Delandra has experience in working with individuals of all ages dealing with various issues

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