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Animal Therapist

Pre-teens, Teens, Adults

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Gabby is he's a 2 year old Silky Terrier and she would be happy to come along with you on your journey. She has been furthering human health through positive interactions. She is loving and sweet. Her favorite things to do are meeting new people, car rides and naps. 

Animal-Assisted Therapy, or AAT, is a mental health counseling approach that involves incorporating an animal(s) as a therapy partner. The animal works with the mental health professional to guide the client and provide growth and healing.  At Riverscape Counseling ( sweet Gabby ) works with her mom Ashley , who is a Professionally Licensed Clinical Counselor . In Canine-Assisted Therapy the mental health professional utilizes a specially trained dog to assist during sessions. Dogs have been bred for centuries to respond to the emotional state of humans and be exceptionally tuned in to our needs and reactions. They have no secret agendas. They are spontaneous, friendly and like to play.  Much like many of the forms of animal assisted therapy there are opportunities for clients to explore how they navigate relationships, as well as provide a potentially safe environment for us to explore feelings and open up in more vulnerable ways. 

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