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Our Herd

Kool Time

Kool- He's a 20 yr old American Saddlebred gelding. With a beautiful blaze on his face. He has a warm heart and a young soul.

Equine Therapy

Facilitated Therapy


Chester- He's a 22 yr old  Chestnut Morgan  gelding.  He has a calm personality and demeanor ,but is keen on picking up on others emotions .


Equine Therapy


Image- He is an American Saddlebred Bay gelding . Image loves people and has quite a personality taking enjoyment from sticking his tongue out.


Rebecca- She's a 24 yr old American Saddlebred Chestnut Mare.  She has a kind and gentle spirit .

Bay Mare

Bay Mare- She is an American Saddlebred Bay Mare . Bay Mare is besties with Rebecca. She loves attention and has a sweet heart.


Walker- He's an 11 yr old Black American Saddlebred gelding.  He genuinely enjoys the company of people , but is just getting back into the swing of it after being a pasture pony for a few years.

Riverscape Counseling

Equine Facilitated Therapy

Abby Horse
Rebecca Horse

Horses 2 Healing
5224 Dearth Rd
Springboro Oh 45066

**Our herd is made possible by an agreement and an over 20yr relationship that we have had with FineLine Stables .

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