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We're all just Walking each other home

                                  - Ram Dass

What Defines Riverscape Counseling

Our deep compassion and understanding here at Riverscape Counseling doesn't just come from a place of caring , it also comes from a place of shared experience. Many of our counselors have been through  the trenches and back again , we  have faced many of the same obstacles and overcome them.  When we hear your pain .... we really hear your pain.


When our clients get better,  we see them connecting with the world in whatever way that means for them.  Some pick up old hobbies they haven’t enjoyed in years,  get that job they’ve always wanted or connect with the friends or partners they have been looking for. We  have seen people rediscover themselves after loss or trauma. We have a history of working with different groups of people that other therapists don’t specialize in or will downright refuse to see. So, no one coming to our office has to be afraid that anything about them or their lives will be a barrier to therapy here.

We are  passionate about being a supporter of the underdog, the outsider. We have great faith in what people can do. We like to see that spark in belief that people have in themselves and help it grow even when the outside world doesn’t believe it yet. It is a very special moment when we can share with a client the knowledge that we both know something better is in store for them.  If they don’t know it yet, they can borrow some of our belief until theirs kick in.

To get started just click the "Book Now"  button to schedule an appointment right from the website. If you aren’t ready to jump into therapy, We understand. 

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