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Devin Sonner LPC

Dayton, Licensed Professional Counselor, Content Manager


My approach to therapy varies in part because of each individual's unique situation and needs. Early childhood experiences and past trauma may definitely need to be explored to help heal old wounds, but my experiences over the years in the field have led to a primary focus on the present moment (the here-and-now), on solutions to identified problems, and on an individual's strengths and resources. I most often work with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues and work collaboratively to assist in movement towards positive change and and wellbeing in life.

With the primary focus on the present I also tend to utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach, which emphasizes the connection between an individual's perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and the subsequent feelings and actions they experience. Feelings and behaviors may eventually be altered through examining and adjusting thought patterns.

Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience in various settings in the mental health field and I utilize this experience to assist clients in attaining their desired goals. I offer a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space to explore thoughts and feelings with the goal of experiencing a greater sense of ease and wellbeing in life.

I work with ages 6-11, 18 years old and up

Devin Sonner LPC
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