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Marni Crabtree-Davison LMHCA

Indianapolis, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Therapy is an active process-an ongoing back and forth dialogue with me and yourself. It involves building relationships, slowing down and listening, sharing and being heard, creating and supporting

goals, trust and trusting in the process, taking time for self-awareness and healthy growth, using inherent strengths when building new skills and celebrating gratitude and positivity as well. I specialize in working with school age students and adults navigating challenges and transitions as they seek balance in daily life. I strive to create a safe, welcoming, and honest therapeutic space for individuals and families seeking support while deciphering big questions and developing coping strategies, developing mental wellness care practices and encouraging deeper acceptance of self. The problem is the problem and active participation in the process is crucial to resolving inner and

circumstantial conflicts. 

My therapeutic practice is grounded in person centered approach that integrates aspects of psychodynamic and family systems therapies. I commonly incorporate behavioral strategies, mindfulness and nature therapeutic practices, and art as therapy. I am trained Cognitive Rational Therapy and known for using alternative and expressive modalities for support managing anxiety and depression. 

My life experiences in education, career counseling, science and the art fields enrich and support my skills in helping others. I also understand what it is like to parent a child who is struggling with mental health issues like ASD, anxiety, and ADHD. As we develop an understanding and trust of each other, I strive to provide a reflection that can guide you to better recognize of what you need in the here and now.

Marni Crabtree-Davison LMHCA
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