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Toni Mindlin LPCCs

Centerville, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor

I believe that the most effective and lasting changes take place with a strong and supportive client-therapist relationship. I strive to create a comfortable and safe space where my clients can look inward and find their greatest strengths in order to overcome underlying causes and unhealthy patterns that have potentially held them back in the past. Although treatment is not one size fits all, empathy and acceptance are key elements in allowing you to start making positive changes. My goal is to help you take the steps necessary to have the life that you want.

To help my clients facilitate real change, I use a combination of CBT,  talk therapy, and family dynamics interventions. I have extensive experience working with children/teens and their families dealing with mood disorders, school and family issues, developmental delays, drug use, or transitions in their lives.

I work with ages 6 yrs old and up.

Toni Mindlin LPCCs
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