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Wesley Bass LPCCS

Dayton , Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor, Clinical Organizational Supervisor

Are you exhausted from wrestling your inner demons or existing in the past? Does it feel like you have been living life on autopilot or as an outside observer? We can only carry the weight of our inner world for so long until inevitably something has to give. It's at this breaking point that we seek outside help and if you have reached this point it would be my privilege to walk with you. I am committed to coming alongside you in finding healing, meaning, and a sense of being alive. It is my goal to nourish space where you are seen and safe to develop and empower your authentic self. Drawing from Existential Psychology, Humanistic, Jungian, and Psychoanalytic approaches I implement interventions such as traditional talk therapy, guided meditation, mindfulness, and shadow-work to help you reconnect to your mind & body.

I work with children, teens, and adults as well as individuals and couples. I have experience with a range of ages and diagnoses but I specialize in PTSD and dissociative disorders. I am also experienced in working with personality disorders including borderline personality disorder.

Wesley is in Hypnotherapy Training working towards certification.

Wesley Bass LPCCS
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